I Baltic Sea NGO forum. 2001

The German CBSS Presidency
I Baltic Sea NGO forum
28-29 May 2001, Lubeck

Minister of State Zopel to open the NGO Forum under the auspices of the Council of the Baltic Sea States

Minister of State Dr Christoph Zopel is to open the First Baltic Sea Area NGO Forum in Lubeck on 28 May 2001 as one of the main events during the German Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). The two-day meeting, which has been organized by the Federal Foreign Office in conjunction with the Government of Land Schleswig-Holstein and a committee of 15 non-governmental organizations, offers the participants a platform to exchange views and an organizational framework to develop their work.

More than 150 non-governmental organizations from Germany and all the other CBSS countries will take part in the Forum. There will be 6 workshops focussing on civil society, environmental protection, youth cooperation, access to information, voluntary services and cooperation between NGOs and governments.

Alongside Minister of State Dr Christoph Zopel, addresses will be given at the opening of the Forum by Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein Heide Simonis and by Regina Kalthegener (Forum Menschenrechte – Human Rights Forum) and Piotr Gruszka (Polish Ecological Club, Szczecin) as representatives of non-governmental organizations. During the Forum, there will be a reading by Gunter Grass, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

There will be a joint press conference with Minister of State Dr Zopel, Minister-President Simonis, the Chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials Dr Heimsoeth and a representative of the Preparatory Committee.

Taken from http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/