III Baltic Sea NGO forum. 2003

The Finnish CBSS Presidency
III Baltic Sea NGO forum
8 - 11 May 2003, Turku

Northern Dimension - Human Dimension?
Strengthening the Civil Society in the Baltic Sea Region

The CBSS Presidency is coming over to Finland in 2003. Within the frame of NGO co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region the III Baltic Sea NGO Forum will take place in Turku, Finland on the 8 - 11 of May 2003.


17 - 18 October
International preparatory meeting in Turku
On the agenda:
Outline for the forum programme
Keynote speakers + other invited guests

October - February
- Planning the programme of the thematic sessions
- Inviting the keynote speakers + guests
- Applying for funding
- National preparatory committees meet

14 -15 February
International preparatory meeting in Helsinki
On the agenda:
Preliminary programme
Background papers produced by the thematic groups
Drafting the forum conclusions

February - May
- Discussing the content of conclusions via email
- Travel arrangements of the national delegations

March 7
Focal points confirm the number of participants from each country

April 1
Deadline for registration

May - June
Submitting the conclusions of the forum to CBSS


An important part of the work of the forum will be done in thematic working groups. The four thematic groups are
(The titles are subject to changes)

  1. From social exclusion to collective inclusion
    Contact person: Kirsi-Maria Manninen, [email protected]
  2. Sustainable way of life
    Contact person: Saara Turkki, saaratur[email protected]
  3. Sustainable way of life
    Open Sesame! NGOs and the governments co-operating within and outside the enlarging EU, [email protected]
  4. Human rights - Equality
    Contact persons: Johanna Kiesilainen, [email protected],
    Ulla Lundqvist, [email protected]


During the International preparatory meeting in Turku it was agreed that the presentations in the plenary sessions are held in the form of a hearing. The key-note speakers are asked to treat a few defined themes in their presentation and afterwards invited interviewers ask questions to the speakers, and also the audience has a possibility to comment.

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