V Baltic Sea NGO forum. 2005

’Non-governmental Sector of the Baltic Sea Region a year after Enlarging the European Union – Good Practices’
12TH – 13TH May 2005
Gdynia, Poland

Organised under the auspices of Council of the Baltic Sea States The V Baltic Sea Non-governmental Organisations Forum will take place on 12th and 13th of May 2005 under the title: ‘Non-governmental Sector of the Baltic Sea Region a Year after the Enlargement of the European Union – Good Practices’ The process of building the platform of co-operation for the Baltic non-governmental sector was initiated in 2001 in Denmark . The next step is organising annually Baltic Forum of Non-governmental Organisations. It will be the fifth meeting of non-governmental organisations after the ones held in: Luebeck ( Germany ) in 2001, St. Petersburg ( Russia ) in 2002, Turku ( Finland ) in 2003 and Parnu ( Estonia ) in 2004, organised under the auspices of Council of the Baltic Sea States by the non-governmental organisations from the country presiding the Council in a given year. According to this principle in 2005 the honour of organising the Forum falls to Poland . The co-ordinator of the whole process is the Baltic Sea Non-governmental Organisations Network established in 2003, embracing the national platforms of NGOs from ten Baltic states (Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) represented by the National Focal Points. The Regional Information and Support for NGOs Centre in Gdansk as a Focal Point for Poland is the main organiser of the preparation process of the Forum.

A long-term goal of the project is strengthening the civic society in the Region of the Baltic Sea through increasing professionalism and effectiveness of the activity of the Network of the Baltic Sea Non-governmental Organisations, strengthening the Baltic identity of the NGOs from the region, expanding the knowledge of the communities and public administration on the potential and diversity of the non-governmental sector, sharing knowledge and experience on the third sector in individual countries, and last but not least, establishing international contacts and realising joint projects. Around 150 representatives of the non-governmental sector, public administration and international organisations from the Region of the Baltic Sea will be invited to participate in the Forum. During the two days of the forum they will be taking part in plenary sessions, trade workshops, discussions, artistic presentations and integrating meetings.

The subject range and formula of the Forum have been elaborated in compliance with the suggestions and recommendations of the participants of the previous conferences and it will focus on the issues of multi-cultural co-existence, relationships of the non-governmental sector from the Baltic Sea Region functioning within the EU and outside the EU, attitude of the Baltic Sea non-governmental organisations towards organisations from the states of the ex-Soviet Union, advantages and barriers connected with using the EU funding, modern fund-raising, making use of new technologies for the sake of the third sector, international networks and many others. There are also planned trade meetings in the field of ecology, culture, human rights and regional development.


Conference date: 12th -13th May 2005

Conference venue:Gdynia Hotel Orbis, ul. Armii Krajowej 22, 81-372 Gdynia
Tel.: 0-(48) 58-666-30-40
Fax: 0-(48) 58-620-86-51

CBSS officials are exempted from the NGO Forum participants fee, but are kindly requested to cover their own hotel costs. The organisers can assist with booking of rooms.
CBSS officials are kindly asked to complete the enclosed registration form and send this to the organisers in advance of the Forum.

Language: English will be the official language of the Meeting

Currency: The official currency of Poland is Zloty (PLN).
Approximate exchange rate is 1 EUR = 4,09 PLN (as of March 2005)

Sight-seeing: An excursion to Gdansk with professional tour guide (English speaking) will be organised on 14th of May if enough participants are interested. It will last 3 hours and cost approximately 10 EUR per person. Please, contact your Focal Point before 15.04.2005 if you want to participate.

Contact details: Monika Plona
80-236 Gdansk, Al. Grunwaldzka 5
tel./fax 0-(48) 58-344-40-39, 0-(48) 58-520-40-18
e-mail:[email protected]

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